Some Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! screencaps ^o^

31 01 2009

These are just some random screencaps I took while I was getting the ones I used for my other post. I didn’t feel like letting them go to waste by just deleting them, so here they are ^_^

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Ah~! So cute!!

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I don’t think that cleaning is compatible with their Punk look,…. but it is way cute ^.^

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It’s called the “Momo Jump”~! I made it from the screencaps I had. I used CoffeeCup GIF Animator, first time using it. Hope it looks alright ^ ^

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Airi-chan’s sly look. Wonder what she’s looking at?

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Well, this sort of looks like they………… have upset stomaches, to be polite ^-^

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Momo~! Look at meeee!! Got this one by accident ^ ^

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Suzuki Airi

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Tsugunaga Momoko

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Natsuyaki Miyabi

I love Buono! so much. They’re so up-beat. My previous worries about Airi being thrown into a new group have now, and for a while, disappeared completely. Woop~! Now, because of Buono!, I really like Berryz Kudo.

Can’t help myself. Here are a few more ^O^

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” Itatakimasu~! “

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They always seem to drink milk when they have the chance. I never fully understood that. I’m like Ed out of Fullmetal ^ ^ (If you don’t understand, you obviously haven’t read Fullmetal Alchemist)

OK, I’m done………….. For now Muhahahahaha *cough* *cough* *cough* Evil laughs really take their toll 😛

Buono! – Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! ~♪♪♪♪♪

30 01 2009

So I know I’m behind the 8-ball with this one, but I only really started to like Buono! not that long ago. And I only recently ordered Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! (got it a couple of day’s ago actually, hence the post (^▽^) It should be the one before this one, for reference sake.)

When I first saw that Airi was being put into a new group I had my trepidations (At that time I didn’t really like Berryz that much, so I didn’t know to much about Miyabi or Momo. I knew a bit about Momo because she’s SO cute and odd, but not much really)

Not really sure how Buono! sort of skipped straight over my radar, but they did. I even watched Honto no Jibun and wasn’t too fust with it. I really like it now though, which is an odd sort of thing. Not liking it to loving it. Anywho, I really love they’re punk clothes this time round. Whoever does Buono!’s styling should win an award; seriously ( ̄▽ ̄) And I have to say they always look like they’re having tonnes of fun, never a frown or a sour look from them.

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I’ve never gotten over the Japanese art of doodling (they should really write a book on the subject). You know how when you’re in school (if you are in school it shouldn’t be hard to know of what I speak. If you aren’t, try to remember) and you get/got REAL bored you’d start to doodle in the margins of your exercise book? Well I’ve never ever seen cuter, cooler or odder doodles than Japanese ones. I myself had been known to do a doodle here and there (*lying through his teeth*) Ahem… But all I ever did were those animations, where you draw a tonne of slightly different pictures and they move. Big hand to Momo, Airi and Miyabi for they’re prodigious Doodling skills (Ok, I’ll stop using “Doodle” every 5 seconds now)

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And I have to mention the shoes they are wearing! Man, I’m surprised they can dance in those things. Not once do you see them trip up or even slip while they’re dancing in them. Although, Momo-chan’s are really short high heels when you look at them. I wonder why that is?

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During the PV they sit down and start reading books. Airi and Miyabi open up what look like novels and start reading intensely. Momo opens up a kids book and does the same ^.^ So cute.

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The highlight for me was when the Single V had a band version of the song. They act and sing like they would if they were in a band. It’s so cute seeing Airi-chan playing here guitar and Momo-chan playing her invisible drums, she uses the drum sticks in the normal version of the PV too – I like it when she uses ’em as a harmonica.

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** OK, I’ve finished uploading the Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! PV’s to YouTube. Enjoy ^-^ **

On an off side note for some unknown reason the part after they drink they’re milk and they sit down to read, 3:21ish, reminds me of the “Fireman Sam” intro. (If you don’t remember it I went and found it for you (*^▽^*) Ok now, don’t flame on me or anything, it’s more than likely just me, but since I’m posting my thoughts here I thought I should be honest about things.

My latest purchases………Finally ^-^

29 01 2009

I’ve been waiting a good two weeks for these to arrive from YesAsia. I really shouldn’t be complaining, since it was free shipping (Which is the massive drawing card for me to YesAsia)

I ordered three things and these are the two Hello!Project items I bought. The first is the Single V for Buono!’s “Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!” which got stuck in my head and I needed to own it, it’s quite infectious you know. The second is Airichan’s 3rd photobook “The Fruits of June” – it’s absolutely spectacular, although I could be a tad bias on this point ^o^ I have to say that when the package arrived I felt like a little girl getting a pink bike for Christmas! (I have seen that, and it’s quite a scene ^ ^)

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I’ll hopefully have a review and my own little tid-bits about them up here soon. So all of you, the three of you :P, be patient and I’ll get there.

Ja ne~


24 01 2009

I was watching the Close Up version of Lotta Love, Lotta Love today before I uploaded it to YouTube (The video above is one of mine (*^▽^*) with headphones in ears and was quite enjoying it. Bopping along to the cute beat. But half way into the PV I noticed that I could hear sounds around me, even real soft sounds like my dogs tail wagging and hitting my computer table.

I looked at my computer sound controls and remembered I had the sound completely off!! I felt so stupid, I was listening to the PV without sound for a good two minutes before realizing.

I was completely hearing the words and the tune inside my head, no need for the sound to be turned on. I think it goes to show that you really can watch and listen to too much H!P (although I REALLY don’t count this as a negative, more of a positive. I usually don’t ever remember the words to any songs that I like, but I can remember a good portion of a song that isn’t even in English (⌒▽⌒)

Things That Remind Me of H!P – Volume one (a very short volume)

19 01 2009

Well I was hoping to make my first post on the items that I’ve ordered and are being shipped to me from YesAsia, but they haven’t arrived yet (ToT). SO I’m going to share something that is both stupid and odd. (or maybe not)

I figured that since I’ve started this blog that I would post on the subject, “Things That Remind Me of H!P”, and here’s my first.

You see I work at a Library and I work at both the ones that are located in my town (our library services a lot of Libraries through out our area) and we have a collection of DVD’s for our members to borrow and watch. At the smaller of the two libraries we actually have to put the DVD in the case when someone wants to borrow it. This is where this takes place.

Now, ever since I started working there I’ve been coming across things that remind me of Hello!Project, in one form or another (sometimes the link between the thing and H!P not even making sense to me).

This is the first I shall share with whom ever reads this blog (I’m guessing not to many ( ´∀`)

You know Airi’s DVD “Suzuki Airi in Okinawa – Airi’s Classic“? Well every time I see this DVD (the one pictured left) my mind automatically conjures up pictures of Airi playing golf.

It’s an instant and completely uncontrollable thought. It never use to happen to me, I mean normally I would look at this DVD, “Golf Australia”, and see a DVD that I would never borrow. But now that thought is replaced with happy and fun ones. I look at the DVD and I see the cover of Airi’s DVD. Strange how the mind works, of obsessed people.

I’m not complaining mind you. I’ve read through the thread over at Hello!Online dealing with this sort of thing (at least I think it’s on Hello!Online), and some people have WAY better reactions to ordinary-everyday objects than I do. I am waiting for it though, the time when I start doing things in reaction to a perceived resemblance to H!P \(^ ^)/

Ja ne