Things That Remind Me of H!P – Volume one (a very short volume)

19 01 2009

Well I was hoping to make my first post on the items that I’ve ordered and are being shipped to me from YesAsia, but they haven’t arrived yet (ToT). SO I’m going to share something that is both stupid and odd. (or maybe not)

I figured that since I’ve started this blog that I would post on the subject, “Things That Remind Me of H!P”, and here’s my first.

You see I work at a Library and I work at both the ones that are located in my town (our library services a lot of Libraries through out our area) and we have a collection of DVD’s for our members to borrow and watch. At the smaller of the two libraries we actually have to put the DVD in the case when someone wants to borrow it. This is where this takes place.

Now, ever since I started working there I’ve been coming across things that remind me of Hello!Project, in one form or another (sometimes the link between the thing and H!P not even making sense to me).

This is the first I shall share with whom ever reads this blog (I’m guessing not to many ( ´∀`)

You know Airi’s DVD “Suzuki Airi in Okinawa – Airi’s Classic“? Well every time I see this DVD (the one pictured left) my mind automatically conjures up pictures of Airi playing golf.

It’s an instant and completely uncontrollable thought. It never use to happen to me, I mean normally I would look at this DVD, “Golf Australia”, and see a DVD that I would never borrow. But now that thought is replaced with happy and fun ones. I look at the DVD and I see the cover of Airi’s DVD. Strange how the mind works, of obsessed people.

I’m not complaining mind you. I’ve read through the thread over at Hello!Online dealing with this sort of thing (at least I think it’s on Hello!Online), and some people have WAY better reactions to ordinary-everyday objects than I do. I am waiting for it though, the time when I start doing things in reaction to a perceived resemblance to H!P \(^ ^)/

Ja ne



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