24 01 2009

I was watching the Close Up version of Lotta Love, Lotta Love today before I uploaded it to YouTube (The video above is one of mine (*^▽^*) with headphones in ears and was quite enjoying it. Bopping along to the cute beat. But half way into the PV I noticed that I could hear sounds around me, even real soft sounds like my dogs tail wagging and hitting my computer table.

I looked at my computer sound controls and remembered I had the sound completely off!! I felt so stupid, I was listening to the PV without sound for a good two minutes before realizing.

I was completely hearing the words and the tune inside my head, no need for the sound to be turned on. I think it goes to show that you really can watch and listen to too much H!P (although I REALLY don’t count this as a negative, more of a positive. I usually don’t ever remember the words to any songs that I like, but I can remember a good portion of a song that isn’t even in English (⌒▽⌒)



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