My latest purchases………Finally ^-^

29 01 2009

I’ve been waiting a good two weeks for these to arrive from YesAsia. I really shouldn’t be complaining, since it was free shipping (Which is the massive drawing card for me to YesAsia)

I ordered three things and these are the two Hello!Project items I bought. The first is the Single V for Buono!’s “Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!” which got stuck in my head and I needed to own it, it’s quite infectious you know. The second is Airichan’s 3rd photobook “The Fruits of June” – it’s absolutely spectacular, although I could be a tad bias on this point ^o^ I have to say that when the package arrived I felt like a little girl getting a pink bike for Christmas! (I have seen that, and it’s quite a scene ^ ^)

Image Hosted by

I’ll hopefully have a review and my own little tid-bits about them up here soon. So all of you, the three of you :P, be patient and I’ll get there.

Ja ne~



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