Some Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! screencaps ^o^

31 01 2009

These are just some random screencaps I took while I was getting the ones I used for my other post. I didn’t feel like letting them go to waste by just deleting them, so here they are ^_^

Image Hosted by
Ah~! So cute!!

Image Hosted by
I don’t think that cleaning is compatible with their Punk look,…. but it is way cute ^.^

Image Hosted by
It’s called the “Momo Jump”~! I made it from the screencaps I had. I used CoffeeCup GIF Animator, first time using it. Hope it looks alright ^ ^

Image Hosted by
Airi-chan’s sly look. Wonder what she’s looking at?

Image Hosted by
Well, this sort of looks like they………… have upset stomaches, to be polite ^-^

Image Hosted by
Momo~! Look at meeee!! Got this one by accident ^ ^

Image Hosted by
Suzuki Airi

Image Hosted by
Tsugunaga Momoko

Image Hosted by
Natsuyaki Miyabi

I love Buono! so much. They’re so up-beat. My previous worries about Airi being thrown into a new group have now, and for a while, disappeared completely. Woop~! Now, because of Buono!, I really like Berryz Kudo.

Can’t help myself. Here are a few more ^O^

Image Hosted by
” Itatakimasu~! “

Image Hosted by
They always seem to drink milk when they have the chance. I never fully understood that. I’m like Ed out of Fullmetal ^ ^ (If you don’t understand, you obviously haven’t read Fullmetal Alchemist)

OK, I’m done………….. For now Muhahahahaha *cough* *cough* *cough* Evil laughs really take their toll 😛



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