Too True, Too true…

3 02 2009

OK, I took some advice given and went onto #wotachat. Man is it brilliant there~!! I recommend it, it’s a must. So nice and friendly. I’m not use to people being so friendly straight out of the gate.

OK, back to what I wanted to post about.

I was reading through Amy’s Airi worship blog Tsuugaku Vector ☂ ^-^ and found a Kyuutii Karaa post featuring Airi, of course. It looks like interviews with the members of C-ute about Airi. Brilliant idea that~! ^o^

Well, I was reading through the interviews and came across Umeda Erika’s one and she was saying how Airi-chan get’s up real close to you when she wants to talk to you, even Maimi says so. It got me thinking how true that is. I started seeing flashes of Airi getting close to everybody when she was talking to them~! Not just people either, but video cameras.

As I was tying to find the right screencap to illustrate this I came up stumped~! I couldn’t seem to find the right ones (;_;), but I wont give up~! I swear I will try and find the right ones! If you have a suggestion, please tell me ^-^

That’s it. I wish I had some screencaps, but I don’t 😦

Ja ne~



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