Which one to buy~????

3 02 2009

I’ve been thinking of late “I really want to buy another Airi-chan photobook, and soon~!” So, I figured I would ask the few, if any, people who may read this.

So, I went and found a poll making site and joined up. If you could please vote between her first (Airi) and her second (CLEAR) photobook I would be very happy. I just can’t seem to make up my stupid mind ^-^ Hopefully this’ll work and my decision will be made for me ^_^ And this is for my next-next order, I’ve already decided what I’m getting next XD so it will be a while before I’ll be buying it.

Oh~! I almost fogot. I’m going to be buying myself a magazine subscription to either Kindai or UTB and again can’t make my mind up – very frustrating~! I’m buying it if I pass my driving test (kind of like an incentive to do well XD). I’m quite pathetic. I’m still on my learners, in part because my parents couldn’t take me out driving enough. So I’m going for my P’s next week, wednesday actually ^-^

OK, that’s it. Thank you very much~! Ja ne~



I didn’t get my P’s, and then I had to book for another test 2 HOURS away T_____T

Then I didn’t get them again, so now I have to drive for another 60 hours before I can go for them again  T______T



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