My first photo buys ^o^

12 02 2009

OK, when I got this (after I got Hello!Project Winter Live 2008, I just haven’t written it up yet ^-^) I was so happy and thrilled. I haven’t bought any of the H!P photos yet…….. I thought they were too small and expensive. Well not anymore, I can’t wait to get some more.

Well, after I unpacked it and separated the two sets I opened the Momo tour mini file and photo set first.

Image Hosted by

I got this one because Momo looked so adorably cute~! I had to have it ^_^ I have no idea what tour this is supposed to be from, so if anyone knows PLEASE tell me XD I really do want to know.

Now for the set that made me near shat myself.

Image Hosted by

I should clear up what I mean. The two Airi photos are fine; more than fine. I’m really happy with them. She looks like a cute Space Explorer or something. I’ve been wanting to get these ones since I saw them at HELLOPROLAND on eBay. But like I said, I thought they were way to small T__T

So as I was opening the plastic bag they were in I pulled the end one out and instead of the fronts companion I find this:

Image Hosted by

My heart stopped for a full split second~! And I mean it. I quickly pulled what I thought was the first photo out and found the actual second photo sitting right behind the first, statict to it ^__^ My heart leveled out and I was truly happy.

I’ll have to find some time to sit down and take some screencaps of Winter Live and write up what I think of it….. might take me a while though.

Ja ne~



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