SO happy~!….. Winter arrives ^o^

20 02 2009

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OK, I got this about a week or more ago, but as it is three DVDs and a fourth special feature DVD, it took me a while to work in watching it and working and everything else I have to do. And I don’t believe in blogging when you don’t feel like it. It should always be fun, otherwise why do it? ^_^

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I have to be honest. I only really enjoyed the first and third DVD of the concerts. The second DVD is of Elder Club and such, which I’ve never had to much exposure to so I can’t really comment on from a fans point of view. Although, I can go fanboy on you about the others XD

I bought it for a really good price on eBay from GKOHouse. That’s where I got my Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! LE single from. Very good place to get cheap but excellent H!P and J-pop etc stuff from. I Had been wanting to get this for the longest time, but as the exchange rate kept getting worse and worse it just seemed to slip through my fingers………… but when I found it on eBay for a whole $50 AUD cheaper I couldn’t just leave it there.

I’m just going to make up a post with the three, well maybe only two, concerts in it, with screencaps ^-^ And then if I have any screencaps left over I’ll have a captactular post~! This might take a while though, so don’t be holding your breath =D

Ja ne~



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