Some Wonderful Hearts 2008 Screencaps

24 02 2009

So, I have tonnes of screencaps after going a tad overboard. So, I shall share them with you now ^o^ Also I needed to distract myself for a while because I’m getting nowhere with my reveiw T_T

Image Hosted by PhotoBucketMaimai does the Thriller XD (that’ll make sence when I finish my “review” :D)

Image Hosted by PhotoBucket
Airi Stomach~! XD

Image Hosted by PhotoBucket“Why Yes! I was going for creapy!”

Image Hosted by PhotoBucketChuu!

Image Hosted by PhotoBucket“Get a shot of her butt~!…….. Cameraman #14, are you drunk!?”

Image Hosted by PhotoBucket“HERE’S JOHNNY!!!!……. I mean, Here I am…..<_<….>_>”

Image Hosted by PhotoBucket“I’m over here!!!……. XD”

Image Hosted by PhotoBucket….. XD…..!

Image Hosted by PhotoBucketBecause she’s awesome~!….A..W..E..S..O..M..E~!!

Image Hosted by PhotoBucketThey’re cute, so I had to include them XD

Image Hosted by PhotoBucket*smolder* *smolder* ……. She knows it~! XD

Image Hosted by PhotoBucketChooo! Chooo!

Image Hosted by PhotoBucketMiya = <3…… XD

Image Hosted by PhotoBucketErika <3…… I liked the dance and the outfits, but I’m not sold on the song.

Image Hosted by PhotoBucket………pervert……… XD

Image Hosted by PhotoBucket“It’s just sooo funny! Look everybody…..”

Image Hosted by PhotoBucket“Also, I’m a Super Hero….. <3”

Image Hosted by PhotoBucket“Well…… So am I!”

I’ll add more later. I’m going to bed. Ja ne~



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5 03 2009
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