What the……. >_>

28 02 2009

OK, I have to much time on my hands so I put BlogPatrol onto my blog. Don’t know why because it doesn’t get a lot of hits, but I thought it would be fun ^-^

So, for the “What the….”

I was checking my stats after seeing that I had 4 new visitors. I went through the many stats that BlogPatrol gives you and it was all good. That is until I got to the referrer part. It had one for Tsuyoki de Yukoze, which is Murr’s blog (you make good friends on #wotachat) and one for a Google search for “intl wota” = International Wota.

I don’t know how anyone could find my blog by searching Google for International Wota, I just don’t see how it’s possible o_o but what boggles my mind even more is that I’m on someones Blogroll~! XD Which is super cool…………. to me in any case ^_^

Well, I’m going back to my course study/reading stuff and finishing my Winter Live review thingy. Ja ne~


Well, my WordPress blog doesn’t have BlogPatrol T_T It doesn’t support the use of javascript



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1 03 2009


1 03 2009

Murr, I feel real special now :3

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