This is one of those non-H!P posts I talked about ^-^ – #1

3 03 2009

I loved, and still do, the Power Rangers and the original Japanese Super Sentai series (which is what Power Rangers is based on). I do have to say that I don’t know TONNES of stuff, but I do know what I like =]

Now, I do seem to be either thanking or refering to my friends of #wotachat a whole hell of a lot. But I can’t help it, they really do help you out and are so totally awesome~! I’m going to do it again. IndigoSkies (or Indigo) from Resonant Blue helped me out the other day in finding a place to get Samurai Sentai Shinkenger, which appon finding out was going to star number 11, Suzuka Morita, from Idoling!!! (Yes, I like Idoling too =D) I wanted to see it. I have limited HDD space at the moment so I don’t find a lot that I’ll actually get, but I had to watch it. When I mentioned the fact that I wanted to see the “Samurei Sentai thingy” XD and I couldn’t find it, Indigo pitched in that TV-Nihon subs it and that episode one was up. I ❤ you indigo~! :3

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usMy favourite is Kotoha Hanaori/Yellow
Gotta Love the Monkey Oragami~!

Now I can’t mention Resonant Blue and not say that it’s awesome~! I’ve even gotten into watching Kamen Rider – Decade to be presice. I picked Decade because A) I have no idea and B) It’s the newest. I know it’s starting late in the series, but I liked the MV’s by TETRA-FANG in Favorite new artist of 2008: TETRA-FANG , they made me want to watch it (and I know that the MV’s aren’t of Decade) ^_^ I’m also getting Kiva at the moment ^o^

Well, that’s all I can think of to write now, I may add more if I feel like it. Ja ne~

PS: sorry for all the darn links XD

Also, I’m now in love with leggings ^_^

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usLEGGINGS~!!!! ^o^



3 responses

4 03 2009

Watch with me and Indigo when you catch up! 😀

5 03 2009

I will :D…… not sure which one you’re talking about though. Decade, or Shinkenger?

5 03 2009

“Decade, Shinkenger, and Kiva! XD”


I meant that other one as a reply lol. Delete it!

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