Makes me want to cry T_T

6 03 2009

Taken from H!O:

Buono!’s performance at the biggest J-pop/Culture event in North Europe, Stockholm Japan Expo 2009 in Stockholm, Sweden!

Stockholm Japan Expo 2009 (Stockholm, Sweden)

Date: 22.5-24.5
Buono! will appear on 24th of May.

*Place: FRYSHUSET, Stockholm

Organization: New Nippon Productions

Ticket: 400SEK

Contact info:
*The contact is for mails in English only.
*Furthermore, you can find more details about ticket purchase and the event at the official page (in English)

Stockholm Japan Expo 2009 Official site

First America with Anime Expo getting Momusu, then Europe with Stockholm Expo getting Buono!…………… Stockholm Expo kinda sounds like a Stockholm Syndrome event…….. XD But seriously, what’s the world coming to? I’m exited as hell though, ’cause they seem to be expanding outside of the Asian market and into the growing Western fandom. I’m happily waiting for the International FC to start running :3 That would be sweet AND awesome XD

I’ve been wanting to see Buono!, C-ute etc. live ever since I discovered H!P and became a fanboy of them 😀 So I’ve had plans to go to Japan and experience some of there concerts, i.e: a wota trip XD, for quite a while. But it’s looking like by the time I can get over there the groups I like will most likely not exist anymore…………… It’s going to take me a while to get there. MONEY IS EVIL I TELL YOU!!!! ;_;

Anyone who misses this opportunity – meaning people living near/in Sweden – are insane~! *glares at a certain Finnish friend* 😀

Well, I’ve tried to write a bit about the news as I’ve heard it………. It was by chance that I found it; was looking for Momo pics for my previous Momo birthday-spamming-thing below 🙂 Ja ne~

EDIT: It seems that the rumours and speculation is founded in truth, unfortunately 😦 The organisers of Stockholm Japan Expo are sighting the economic turmoil as reason as to it’s cancellation, meaning that quite a few people are more than likely going to be stuck with hotel bills and air fares that aren’t easily refunded. I imagine that quite a few of the people booked to go will indeed being going, whether Buono! is there or not, so I hope they meet up and have some fun 😀 Here’s the email that’s been sent out to people who were going to attend:

Dear Customer,

Unfortunately we have to inform you that Stockholm Japan Expo 2009 is cancelled.

There are several reasons for this, the financial change in world economy, severe competition from other festivals/concerts as well as poor ticket sale.

This means you will get your ticket purchase back by More info about this will be announced on our website ( next week.

We deeply apologize for the inconvenience it may have caused and hope that Stockholm Japan Expo will be feasible in the near future.

With sincere apologies,

I would have thought that ticket sales for this event would have been half decent considering Buono!’s appearance at it (… and I would also imagine that quite a few dedicated fans from Japan would have bought tickets to it as well, which leaves them in an even larger lerch …) It is kind of saddening and worrying if you think about it. I mean, if it’s this easy to cancell an event featuring one of H!P’s up and coming units then what about future events? And you can only imagine how furious the Hello!Project executives are right now XD Well, that’s it for the edit, see you around, Ja ne~



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