Hello!Project Winter Live 2008 – Kettei! Haro☆Pro Award

7 03 2009

OK, I said I was going to make one big post of the two concerts……………. but my previous one got to 2006 words, and I kinda figured that was long enough XD

Now, this is going to be hard, because A) I don’t know some of the songs and stuff and B) It has some performances from the 2nd DVD that I said I didn’t know, i.e: Elder Club etc… So I may be skipping over some of the performances I wasn’t a big fan of, like I did in my previous review (…sorry, it’s just not as enjoyable to write about stuff you don’t feel for…)

OK, here we go……

Image Hosted by PhotoBucket

I actually didn’t know what to expect from this because as I said in my previous post I mainly bought this set for the Wonderful Hearts concert. But I have to say this was most enjoyable.

This time we are in a stadium~!……. At least it looks like one to me 😀 It’s massive, and now I can truly say it’s a sea of fans:

Image Hosted by PhotoBucket

You’ll have to click it to really see 😀

The concert starts out with the MC event, which is rather elegant. The set is something like a Castle, and the two MC’s (Makoto and Yaguchi Mari………. I now know there names XD……. T_T) are dressed like they’re out of a 20’s glamour movie:

Image Hosted by PhotoBucket

After they say their peace, it’s time for something different…… to me in any case. We start out the performances with the Eggs doing LOVE Machine (LOVEマシーン)~! And it’s hella cute! 😀

Image Hosted by PhotoBucket

These girls are the cutest XD They even sound pretty good, really adorable………. I don’t know how to explain it, they’re just good :D. I was watching through it and a familiar face flashed by. I rewound it and I’m sure of it. I found Maeda Yuuka from Shugo Chara Egg! in the opening act 😀

Image Hosted by PhotoBucket

Voice of an angel, I swear

Although this concert is basically just a larger version of the first and second ones, it has a different air about it. It’s grander and more energetic in its very nature. And having a much larger audience makes it slightly more enjoyable; you feel more enthused.

After the Egg’s have there 15 minutes the main groups come out and join in with the singing. This is absolutely fun looking, and the fans wotas seem even more ramped up and into it.

After they finish out LOVE Machine (LOVEマシーン) they move into Aozora ga Itsumademo Tsuzuku You na Mirai de Are! (青空がいつまでも続くような未来であれ!), which I most enjoyed 😀

Image Hosted by PhotoBucket


Well, I can’t really say to much more on this performance since it was in the first DVD. I can say that it was much more massive in that they were all over the stadium on the track that went out into the audience, which showed them more involved in the performance with the fans…… It also showed you the audience which the previous DVD’s didn’t. You actually get to see the fans get their wota on~! XD Although sometimes the fans that get filmed don’t always seem to happy to be there:

Image Hosted by PhotoBucket

Even though I say the larger stage and the track is much cooler and enjoyable, it’s also a double edged sword. Because the girls are so widely dispersed they do an awful lot of running around the track to get to where they need to be:

Image Hosted by PhotoBucket

Always running

The second MC event comes next. The introductions of the groups performing is the same, but without the trippy split screen 😦 Which I think was pretty effective and an interesting way of revamping a done-and-dusted thing.

Image Hosted by PhotoBucket

It’s in order this time :3

Well it seems my learning Japanese isn’t going all too well. I again can’t understand what’s being said, which is kind of sad because it’s always nice to know what’s going on and what they’re saying 😀 They show shots of the crowd in the arena and it still boggles my mind. It’s absolutely brilliant~! And there’s always screamers in the crowd, no matter how massive it is XD

After the MC is LALALA Shiawase no Uta (LALALA 幸せの歌) performed by °C-ute, it’s rightful owner. This time they’re dressed in the outfits from the PV, which always reminded me of shimmy dresses from the 20’s (And no, I’m not old, I’m 19….. I just like the 20’s and 30’s :D)

Image Hosted by PhotoBucket

It’s not the most complex of a song out there, but it is catchy and rather enjoyable. Though, I find the live performance of it much more enjoyable than the PV……… I’m actually finding that a lot while I watched these, that songs I previously wasn’t all that into I’ve become more drawn to; strange right? They also, surprisingly, stay in the one spot on the stage. Right up the front 😀 I also must say that it is a rather large relief to see Kanna without her shoulder strapped up 🙂

I believe I didn’t touch on this one in the first DVD. It’s Tsukiatteru no ni Kataomoi (付き合ってるのに片思い) by Berryz Koubou. I really don’t know why I skipped over it. *Shrugs shoulders nonchalantly*

Image Hosted by PhotoBucket

Well, she’s not the only member, but……XD

It seems, to me, to be a lot more fun in this concert. It might have something to do with the track, I don’t know. But It’s now a favourite 😀 I like the start of it with the weird, shaking legs thing (can’t really get a screenshot of it to demonstrate, but I’m hopping you know what I mean…. which I’m pretty sure you will :D) I also saw something that I think to be rare. Click here (It’s in the above picspam, but I think it’s worthy of a double mention.) IT’S A GIRL~! Right there behind Miya XD

I rather enjoyed 16sai no Koi Nante by Abe Natsumi & Yajima Maimi. It was up beat and incredibly catchy…….. also, I loved the outfit Maimi’s wearing XD It’s out of the Wonderful Hearts concert (I wasn’t a fan of the song, but the outfits where adorable and cute as hell :D)

Image Hosted by PhotoBucket

Now, it’s not a favourite, but it was really fun to watch. Onegai Miwaku no Target (お願い魅惑のターゲット) by Melon Kinenbi. I’m not a huge fan – actually, I haven’t heard to much from them XD – but surprisingly this was a humdinger of a good performance. Momusu joins them on stage and track, and the audience seem to really like it 😀 I’m starting to think it is the larger audience that’s making it more enjoyable, because in the second DVD I didn’t really enjoy it that much, but mix in °C-ute, Berryz Koubou and Momusu and a kick ass crowd and it’s instant satisfaction. Weird if you think about it XD

I’m trying to not like so much this time……. but I’m failing abysmally~! XD Yattarōze! (やったろうぜ!) by Ongaku Gatas is up next. I love Gatas Brilhantes H.P. I’ve seen a bit of some of their futsal games and I love the idea of it; that and the sports carnivals, but that’s for another time. I don’t know much about Ongaku Gatas, but I do like them somewhat 😀

Image Hosted by PhotoBucket

It’s a very fun looking performance and cute little song. It’s getting to be fun to watch out for what the people who are sitting off to the side are doing. Sometimes it’s just plain fantastic 🙂 The Eggs are dancing along this time with the performance and they go out onto the track. I just love the Eggs, they’re so cute XD Also, I have to say that Hitomi Yoshizawa has some of the thinnest arms and legs I have ever seen.

I’m not going to go on about Chance! (チャンス!) by Tsukishima Kirari starring Kusumi Koharu (…still strange saying it like that…) I just can’t get over how much ……. better, nope, it was really enjoyable last time, it’s just different some how. It is so much more fun this time, and cuter too :3 I also found someone again:

Image Hosted by PhotoBucket

Maeda Yuuka ❤

OK, so Seishun! LOVE Lunch (青春LOVEランチ) by Athena & Robikerottsu was in the first DVD…… but now that I know who they are …… T_T I feel so stupid….. I can’t not include the performance because I LOVE this song XD Ever since I found the actual PV for this song I keep expecting/wanting the large yellow walking sugarpot, or a bento box (not entierly sure what it is XD) to come out on stage and dance around XD I’ve also grown to like Nakajima Saki. It’s strange, I didn’t much take notice of her until…… I’m not sure to tell the truth. Now she’s one of my favourite XD She’s so cute in this and she’s really good 😀

Mikan (みかん) by Morning Musume was performed in the first DVD too, but I wasn’t taken by it…… But now I am XD They’re even in the same outfits as the first DVD which is both cool and sort of sad. Cool because I think the outfits are pretty damn good. Sad because they had an opportunity to try something different and new. And I have to say, Reina’s winks always get me, it’s unavoidable 😀

Image Hosted by PhotoBucket

I know this isn’t a wink, she was to quick for me XD

Renai Rider (恋愛ライダー) by Buono! 😀 😀 😀

Image Hosted by PhotoBucket

Well I couldn’t get a group shot ❤

This is perhaps one, if not the, most played song I have XD It’s also up there for my favourite track ever 🙂 I love it to bits. And both the PV and the performance of it are superb! It’s also made up of my top three H!P members :3 I think this performance is better, in part, because they weren’t on stage for a whole lot before doing it……. also the track is awesome XD (…I think I’m obsessed with the track 😀 …) Their outfits are the same as the PV, which is brilliant because they are awesome costumes 😀 Momo’s jacket is brilliant (…would never have thought they’d have what’s written on it written on it…. which is awesome XD…) and you don’t see leather hotpants being worn too often, which is a crying shame 😦

Yuujou ~Kokoro no Busu niwa Naran (友情~心のブスにはならねぇ!~) by Momusu, °C-ute and Berryz Koubou. This one wasn’t in the first concert. And it’s all the better for it because it’s sort of like a surprise in the bottom of a box 😀

Image Hosted by PhotoBucket

It’s more on the rock side of the music spectrum and is awesome (but not as punk-ish as the original was…. had to go and find it. Might actually try and buy the single)….. clearly I’ve never heard it before, which I don’t mind a bit because it’s all the more satisfying to me now 🙂 It’s full of energy and the crowd really get into it. There is a return to the arm swinging that looks like it might dislocate an arm.

The next MC is pretty fun. The only things I got from it is that Linlin and Junjun are mentioned XD I love these kind of bits where they just talk, all be it a rehearsed set, to the girls. You get to see a different side to their personality you can’t see when they’re performing. Oh, and that Ai and Risa can be absolutely weird and cute at the same time:

Image Hosted by PhotoBucket…… XD ……

Tokaikko Junjou (都会っ子 純情) by °C-ute was performed in the Wonderful Hearts concert, but in tutus and angel wings, which I thought were cute but totally not in character for the song. This time round though they’re in the outfits from the Meguru Koi no Kisetsu (めぐる恋の季節) performance in the first concert:

Image Hosted by PhotoBucket

Much better….. atleast I think so. Still not the perfect outfits, but it has the right feel. And I’m starting to like how the groups sometimes split up and are on either side of the track when they perform. And the running around has even turned from a down side to a highlight for me. It’s pretty fun looking and they just look like they have fun (… it may just be them acting, but I’ll stick with my small delusion 😀 …)

Special Generation (スッペシャル ジェネレ~ション!) by Berryz Koubou in very silly looking dresses 😐

Image Hosted by PhotoBucket

Not at all nice looking dresses the costume department have cobbled together for them. They were worn in the Wonderful Hearts concert and I thought they were a bit goofy. So why put it on them for a second go? The choreography is good, I have to say. And so is the song. The audience even participates…… they aren’t as good a singers as Berryz, but it is neat XD

Yeah! Meccha Holiday (Yeah! めっちゃホリディ) sung by all (as far as I can tell) It’s a very peppy tune and I rather like it 😀 The audience seem to absolutely love it…… but the dance moves sort of look like they’re out of some hip dance club XD There’s sort of a MC thingy in between, it’s done by members of BK and °C-ute and it’s nice…. short but nice. After that is Love & Peace! Hero ga Yattekita (ラヴ&ピ~ス!HEROがやって来たっ。) by Morning Musumue:

Image Hosted by PhotoBucketLove & Peace!

They’re wearing the same outfits they wore for Bon kyu! Bon kyu! BOMB GIRL (ボンキュッ!ボンキュッ!BOMB GIRL) in the Wonderful Hearts concert (… it’s up next :3 …) And they’re damn good looking……>_>…… outfits 😀 It’s such a fun performance and it’s like they’re just up there to have fun and nothing else, but it comes out so well that it just works. It also shows how close the group is that they work so well together. It’s kind of an odd song title for me because whenever I hear “Love & Peace” I automatically get an image of Vash the Stampede doing his dorky peace sign and, yeah….. XD……… And it seems that I like MM even more now – I wasn’t a HUGE fan, I liked them, but now it seems I’ve fallen over the edge and become more of a fan.

Next is Bon kyu! Bon kyu! BOMB GIRL (ボンキュッ!ボンキュッ!BOMB GIRL) by Morning Musume and I think the others sing, atleast I think they do. They had microphones in their hands so I’m only guessing.

Image Hosted by PhotoBucket

This is perhaps the best performance in the concert. It’s amped up to the hilt and energetic, it’s insane. I don’t think I’d heard this song before Wonderful Hearts….. >_>……. and I’ve been missing out on things 😦 Can’t for the life of me think why I didn’t mention this act in the first one of these I did *slaps back of head* Although, they do make a sign with their fingers in the shape of an “L”. I’m guessing it’s “Love” because it mustn’t mean the same thing as it does here XD It’s got elements from 50’s rock, which is kick ass. It’s just an all round brilliant listen and watch.

The concert ends with ALL FOR ONE & ONE FOR ALL! which is a good choice because during the last MC they were getting a bit teary. It’s a feel good song :3 On a final note I’m surprised to find myself if not singing, mumbling along to the songs I like XD And I wish some of the louder screamers in the crowd would go and take long walk off of a short, unfinished bridge……..

Now I’m done. This has taken so damn long to finish! 😦 I think it’s that the concerts are long and I’m not used to writing about something so long…….. Also, being sick doesn’t help XD Well, that’s it for me and concerts for a time, don’t see me being able to afford a concert anytime soon (…THANK GOD!!!…) now I just have to write up my latest stuff. Also, sorry, sorry, sorry m (_ _) m It ended up being much longer than I was hoping. And if there’s anything wrong, please tell me 🙂 Ja ne



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