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19 03 2009

Well, today my order from YesAsia and my CD from eBay arrived 😀 I went and bought Momo’s second PhotoBook, momo-16, Buono!’s second single Renai Rider, the limited edition (had to get it off of eBay XD from JapanCD) – along with the Single V for it, and Ice Creamusume‘s first mini-album. I got something else but it’s not H!P related 🙂

Image Hosted by PhotoBucket

I was so exited when I saw the post van pull up out on the street 😀 I rushed out and grab the digital signing thing out of the posties hand and signed and ran back up to my room XD Upon catching my breath I pulled out my scissors and started hacking, carefully, open the packaging. And again, I describe how I feel by saying I felt like a little girl getting a pink bike for Christmas XD

I’ll do a thingy on them…… when I have the time and when I finish my Kettei! Haro☆Pro Award 2008 review thing which is taking forever T_T (that’s the third DVD of the Winter Live 2008 box set)

Oh, I almost forgot. In my package from JapanCD there was a gift CD in it:

Image Hosted by PhotoBucket

I have to say, it doesn’t sound too great XD But hey, it was free 😀 If anyone can tell me who the hell they are I’d very much appreciate it 🙂 I just want to know, bugs me when I don’t.

** Thanks to Indigo, I now know that the above CD is by Kanjani8, a Johnny’s group 😀 Now what to do with it?? XD **

Ja ne~



3 responses

19 03 2009

What was the non-H!P-related thing? XD

That gift CD looks like it’s by Kanjani8, a Johnny’s group. I haven’t listened to them…

20 03 2009

Nothing untoward, I assure you XD

Thank you for that 😀 I wouldn’t know where to start to find out who they were. Also, I wouldn’t try and listen to them if I were you……. XD

19 03 2009

Kanjani is quite terrible, but they’re more for the humor anyways.

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