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29 03 2009

Well, Paul over at Hello!Blog has put up a new poll. I have to say I’ve seen peoples rankings for the top three groups hanging around the net and I’ve never thought about doing anything like it….. until now. Murr, the prodigious owner of Tsuyoki de Yukoze!, has done hers and I felt like I could, and wanted to, do it. I’ve never done one of these……. nor have I even thought about it until now. But here it goes. These are my top 10 Hello!Project Members. I do have to say that my choices plain shocked me XD…….. 😦

Hello!Blog Top 10 Ranking

Hello!Blog Top 10 Ranking

I don’t seem to have ventured to far from what I thought……. except for Maeda Yuuka from Shugo Chara Egg!, no idea how she got in there. I’ve gone with Buono! for my top 3 XD as I basicly seem to be buying and listening to them most. Before, Maimi would have been in my top 3, but now she’s fourth. Also you may notice that I’ve stuck to the main groups (…apart from number 10…) and mainly MM and °C-ute. I’ve been trying to get more into BK since I’ve grown to like Miya even more from Buono! but I never seem to be buying their singles and albums 😦 But I shall endeavour to do better in the future 😀

Oh, also, you may have noticed…….. or you may not have XD…… that I haven’t been around a whole lot. That has to do with me throwing up for two and a bit weeks, which sort of makes you not want to be sitting behind a computer a lot. Also leading to my finishing my reviews to not happen quick enough 😦 Well, just thought I’d say something.

Ja ne~



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9 04 2009

We have four common members (*´∀`*)…..me thinks that James has been watching a lot of Shugo Chara Egg! \(^o^)/☆ So happy to see that Kamei has snuck in there~….isn’t Paul so amazing! I don’t know how he creates his polls but they’re so fun, functional and *pretty*. =)

11 04 2009

Four in common 😀 Well, yes….. I may have watched Shugo Chara Egg! a tad to much of late XD Like I said, Kamei is in there because of you :3 and Paul is indeed amazing and awesome! This is the first poll I’ve seen of his and it’s rather elegantly done =]

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