Airi selling stuff AND eating

10 04 2009

You can’t go wrong with Airi eating because it’s so damn cute and hilariously entertaining~! 😀 She even practices eating a slice of pizza….. dedicated or what?! :] You also have to love the smile she does…. she even closes her eyes when she does it XD

The only way I found this is because Shirow mentioned it on wotachat…… thank you sooooo much! XD

I found this one by myself…….. ages ago :3 It sort of made me feel sad because the pizza ads they have where I live are shi- umm, well they’re not all that great XD I beleive this is the only ad that has ever worked on me…… I really want one of those pizzas…… and when I go to Japan I shall 😀 And, to me, the voice over guy in this one sounds like the voice actor for Kim Jong-il in Team America: World Police….. >_>

Ja ne~



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