My “Cuddle” List

16 04 2009

I wont go into details……… if you want to know more, then visit Shirow, who started it XD

When I first read Shirows posting of his Poll results and saw his “cuddle” list I so wanted to do one……. Sort of waited for other people to do theres first XD Well, here’s my “cuddle” list……..

My Cuddle List

My "Cuddle" List

Well, I’m so going to jail XD

Ja ne~



3 responses

16 04 2009
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25 04 2009

Well…..we do have four familiar members in *mind* to cuddle with……well sort of……um this is really awkward of me isn’t it?!! XD Ahhhhh your list is very squishy *soft*……I’m now cuddle envious! =) We can (fight) over Kamei though……:P

25 04 2009

Hehehe, we have four in common on both our top 10 and “cuddle” lists XD It’s true, I’ve got a cutie pie “cuddle” list, I’m a sucker for cute 😀 Oh, there wouldn’t be any fighting involved………. you’d clearly win, hands down =]

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