Ice Creamusume – 1st 最棒!

22 04 2009

Well, I did get around to listening to it…. and watching the included DVD 😀

Ice Creamusume - 1st 最棒!

Ice Creamusume - 1st 最棒!

I mainly got this on recommendations of other friends…… I wasn’t going to worry about getting it, or even listening to it T_T I’m so glad I didn’t ignore it 🙂 It’s quite a brilliantly put together album, once you get over the majority of songs being in Mandarin, which if you already listen to J-pop, and a like, shouldn’t be that difficult XD

The version I bought was the Taiwan version (… LE, maybe. Not sure …) I was so kicking myself when I missed out on the Autographed version of it T_T But I shan’t dwell on things that can’t be changed. I’ve included three tracks (… probably going to be the norm from now on 😀 It feels nice to include a song to emphasize a point …) which I think are my favourite out of the album.

The first is Lian Ai Deng Chang which is an original ICM tune~! It’s track 1 on the album. I say below that it’s nice to hear familiar songs, but it’s also nice and enjoyable to hear songs specifically penned for them to sing. It did take me a few listens to start to get a feel for it, but I felt like the track deserved (… I’m not crazy 😛 …) to have a fair go. But I’m glad I did 😀 It’s fun and rather beautifully put together with the solos and the group vocalizations. It does sound a bit strange to me in some places, but I think that’s just the way it is and more than likely it only sounds strange to me ._.

Lian Ai Deng Chang (戀愛登場 ; Entering Love)

The second is Lian Ai Ge Ming 21 which is Love Revolution 21 by Morning Musume. It’s track 4 on the album. I liked this song when sung by Momusu and I like it now sung by Ice Creamusume. It’s as fun, if not more fun due to it being completely new sounding……. Well almost completely new. The backing track sounds like it was just taken from the original and the new Mandarin audio placed over it. But I do like that they’ve chosen to give them songs well known to start out, it sort of eases you into them – like they’re a slightly different looking and sounding friend 😀 ….. hope that doesn’t sound to creepy >_> It’s a very catchy song…… except for the constant deep ass voice that pops its head up all the time, still freaks me out ._. I would particularly like to see them make a PV for this (… and if there is one for it, well … XD I’m not all that into the uptodate news of H!P 😦 …) That would make my day XD Sometimes the singing does sound flat, but it doesn’t really detract from the song in my opinion.

Lian Ai Ge Ming 21 (戀愛革命21 ; Love Revolution 21 )

The third track is Go Girl ~Lian Ai Sheng Li~ which is Go Girl ~Koi no Victory~ from Morning Musume’s 20th single. It’s track 5 on the album. I’ve never heard the original….. ._. ……. so I can only comment on the Ice Creamusume version. It’s brilliant~! Absolutely brilliant. It’s fast paced, energetic and sounds really good with Mandarin lyrics 😀 I admit this is my first adventure into Mandarin pop music in a rather long time, but I have to say that it is quite enjoyable and that any future release from Ice Creamusume I wont be hesitating on whether to get it. For some reason the language seems to lend itself well to fast paced songs and up-tempo tracks….. which I admit I prefer for some reason (… probably the reason for my switch to Buono! XD …) I don’t think I’m a ballad man…… although I may not have found the right one yet 🙂 Well, have a listen and enjoy:

Go Girl ~Lian Ai Sheng Li~ (Go Girl~戀愛勝利~ ; Go Girl ~Koi no Victory~ )

The DVD that comes with it is an incredible 37 minutes long~! (… which sort of means I can’t upload it to YouTube since they only allow a max of 10 minutes T_T …) Now, I’m only use to the little 10 minute things that come with the LE’s of the Japanese releases so it caught me by surprise 😀 A rather nice surprise.

I have to say that the PV for Lian Ai Deng Chang isn’t anything fancy, nor is it a choreography masterpiece, but I dare you not to watch it more than once! It’s extremely fun to watch and it sticks in you mind…… it did for me anyway, I’d listen to the song and get images of ICM being foolish and crack up XD Anyway, these are the girls and their “new” names and their flavour:

Hosted at PhotoBucket

Shen Shen (シェンシェン) - Blueberry

Hosted at PhotoBucket

Anchii (アンチー) - Coffee

Hosted at PhotoBucket

Pei Pei (ペイペイ) - Vanilla

Hosted at PhotoBucket

Youko (ヨウコ) - Strawberry

Hosted at PhotoBucket

Rei Rei (レイレイ) - Chocolate-mint

Hosted at PhotoBucket

Guu-chan (グーチャン) - Mango

Tsunku sort of looks strange in it….. Or maybe it’s just me not seeing him to often XD Also, he messes up a few of there names in the announcements of who got into the new group….. I can’t blame him, since he was just reading them off his own notes 😀

They also show snippets from about 5 of the auditions, a few seeming to be not as good as others, but that’s just me. It’s both interesting and strangely odd. Especially this outfit:

Hosted at PhotoBucket

It’s a cute panda looking thingy 🙂 I mean, I think it’s cute and adorable….. you might not though XD I also like this – It’s a pretty blowy-kiss 😀 I can’t say I see too many things like this on Australia TV. They also seem not to want to advertise the TV station this was originally broadcast on, they fuzz it out. It is interesting watching how another country, besides Japan, air their shows. But moving on. Now, if anyone had bad things to say about H!P and other Idol music groups then they need to watch the ‘Making Of’ and these videos to see how hard they truly work, as well as how much they seem to enjoy what they do.

I have to say, they do alot of crying in the start of the video…… it was quite depressing to tell the truth. And it’s not the cute and endearing kind of crying (… yes, I do think that crying can be cute and endearing…… and I’m not sadistic XD …), it’s the distress kind 😦

But they always seem to become chipper and happy again soon after….. or it could be the way the producers have cut the video together. They also do alot of practice into the early hours of the morning, I’m only guessing that since they all look dog-tired in some of the shots.

Hosted at PhotoBucket

I must say that Shen Shen looked cuter when she had her longer hair, which is strange coming from me since I generally like shorter hair XD And it’s also a change for me, because up ’til now my favourite member out of each group is usual either the youngest of close to (Airi, Mai etc… for H!P and Eri~na out of Canary Club) Not all the time, but in general it seems to be true 😦 But I happen to like Shen Shen this time, and she’s 21 XD I’m not saying that Guu-chan isn’t also one of my favourites out of ICM, but…. XD

Shen Shen and her haircut

Shen Shen describes her haircut

Shen Shen holding her hair :(

Shen Shen holding her hair 😦

I’m not saying she’s any less cute, and dare I say it hot, after the haircut, but the longer hair added something to her face. I don’t really know what, but she looks totally different…… to me she does anyway……… maybe she looks further towards the cute spectrum now *Shrugs*

As I’ve said before, I rather enjoy these kinds of videos. It shows the girls behind the camera and how they interact with each other. For instance, when they’re drawing (… not sure why they’re colouring and drawing, but they are …) Shen Shen…… I think I have an obsession with her XD….. is remarkably cute, even when she’s not actually trying:

Hosted at PhotoBucket

And when she is trying, it’s unbelievable XD Guuchan is also adorable with her artistic creations 😀 I feel kind of stupid actually…… they use ice cream cones as microphones in this and for the life of me when I saw them close up I thought they were real~! They look damn close to what they should XD It’s incredible to think that you can be entertained so easily, just by watching them play around and actthefool while being filmed. They even go on a train…. in public~! That’s when I decided this video was awesome….. I’ve never seen anything like this coming from H!P. They go to restaurants and wonder around the streets….. they’re amazed by everything, it’s brilliant (… the people around them don’t seem phased at all, probably just thought they were in an Idol video or something. Japan’s a great place XD …) They do make a stop to the H!P Petit Museum, but they seem to look both interested and distant at the same time :s

At the end of the video they play Jan-ken-po (… Rock-Paper-Scissors for those not in the know 😛 …) to decide who wins portable CD players. I have to say, Shen Shen fails most abysmally XD She loses the first game which goes to Youko, the second game goes to Anchii, and the third game goes to Pei Pei; three straight losses….. BUT, she ends up with one as a consolation prize :3 After that they grant us more candid shots of the girls which I like 🙂 Ok, that’s it. Hope I didn’t bore you too much 😛 and I’m working on getting a better version of the PV to add here. And I’m very sorry for all the links, I thought it would get crowded in here if I included all the screencaps I wanted so I linked to them, just click and you shall see 🙂 I’ll leave you with delusional Youko. Ja ne~

Delusional Youko XD

Delusional Youko XD

Single – CD + DVD:



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