Buono! – Rottara Rottara LE and Single V

12 05 2009

Well, I’m waiting for something I bought…… IT”S TAKING WAY TOO LONG TO GET HERE~!! I’m actually thinking it’s gotten lost in the mail T_T….. so I thought I could/should write something about Rottara Rottara (ロッタラ ロッタラ | Lotta Love, Lotta Love) which is Buono!’s 5th single……. I don’t know why it’s taken me this long to do something about it XD

LE Single

LE Single

I didn’t listen to Rottara Rottara at all before I bought it (… and I don’t for any new and upcoming releases either…. still haven’t heard more than 10-20 seconds of My Boy XD …) I sort of pre-ordered it without hearing it once XD It makes it a hell of a lot more pleasing to open it up when you get it and hear it for the first time…… a little scary too, because the thought does cross my mind “What if I don’t like it?!” But, I don’t mind – I’m a collector from way back, so I’m all good :3

I have a thing for the LE, as I’ve said 😀 So you may not be able to get it anymore, hence the RE I’ve linked to at the bottom……. I did include a link to eBay for the LE, but it seems they are all the Overseas editions. Anywho, I wasn’t sure of this release, due in part to it sort of veering off what they usually do.

Rottara Rottara is fast paced and ladden with great harmonies, guitar work and a kick ass PV (… well I think it’s pretty great. It’s not flashy or anything, but it works …) There’s usually one of the three girls that “out shines” the rest in the songs, but not in this case. They all do a superb job, each adding a different layer to the song and each changing it as they sing their little “solos”. I actually hum this, or parts of it, at work XD Not too loud but sometimes I do get a strange look or someone stares at me, but it does help the time go by 😀

Rottara Rottara (ロッタラ ロッタラ)

My Love is the b-side to Rottara Rottara and it is also a kick ass song~! The drums and guitar play a key roll in it and might I say do a fine job. I’m reminded of Evil Morning in some parts, mainly the heavy use of drums and in some parts where it’s faster (… I think it would sound pretty good remixed 🙂 …) And the trumpet through out it is encouragable. Again the harmonies are superb and work well with the music. I’m not sure if anyone of the girls “out shines” in this one either. There are parts where Airi is great with her timing, and then there’s places where Miya and Momo pick up something with thier voices that breaks through. But that’s just natural 😀 It really is a nice listen, so enjoy.

My Love (マイラブ)

I’ve just started to be able to distinguish between Airi, Momo (… not that hard XD …) and Miya when they sing…… I’m a slow learner 😛 It’s something that I haven’t been able to do with any kind of success with °C-ute, BK or Momusu…… but since it’s only three in Buono! it was much easier. It makes the listening all the more enjoyable to be able to pick out Airi or Miya during the song (… I’m not entirely sure why it makes in more enjoyable, but it does for me. Maybe it’s the satisfaction of “knowing” their voices 😀 …)

OK, I am regretting not being able to upload the “Making Of” Part 1, but I don’t want to upload it now (… I have a thing about keeping things in groups ._. …) But they are, as I’ve said, quite an enjoyable look behind the camera at what the girls do, like Airi being adorable during the cover shoot XD

Image Hosted by PhotoBucket

You get to see the quirky little things that they do, like wiping their shoes before and after they’ve danced up on the stage, Momo and her Buono! head dancing (… that made me laugh……. so did Airi and Miya 😀 It was actually a relief to see both Airi and Miya doing something together because at the start of the video Airi kind of looked like she didn’t belong 😦 At least that’s how I saw it …) and the frightful side of Momo XD

Image Hosted by PhotoBucket

Airi can't help herself ❤

She really can’t. And then she goes and teaches Momo the art of spotting and playing up to cameras that aren’t focused on you XD To finish off the LE DVD, have some mature looking Momo, and a Miya 😀

If you want to try something, listen to the embedded Rottara Rottara track above and then watch the PV below. You’ll be surprised at how much more satisfaction and fun you’ll get out of the song 😀

Single V

Single V

It’s no where near being punk, more like trying to be something from the 50’s (… more so in the set and outfits, but the music is sort of brought down a peg – but not all that much XD……. which doesn’t bother me one bit, it still sounds good :3 …)

And it’s proven that I’m not the only one who doesn’t mind the difference. The normal PV that I’ve included has, at the time of posting, 4,815 views! Which actually quite shocked me.

Just like the LE, the Single V was a must for me. It brings the song to life, if you will, and it’s fun owning the PVs and being able to watch them whenever you want without having to wait for them to load on YouTube or Dailymotion or wherever you want to watch it (… It’s probably just me because my internet sucks, meaning it takes forever for things to load and when they do they stutter …)  Also…………I like the outfits……. very much…….<_<…….. >_>……… :3 I’m a complete sucker for cute. And I mean a complete sucker! XD

The Single V comes with the Normal PV (above), as well as a TV Program version (below), the close up version (… not a big fan of the close-up versions. They’re rather boring XD …) and the second part of the “Making Of”. The normal version has a rather simple premise: A girl group, maybe from the 50’s :), doing a spot on a TV show. Now, like I said there isn’t anything flashy or technical in it, but that’s what makes it work……. I think that’s why. It’s taking a step back from over producing and effects used all the time, putting the spot light back onto the song and the music. The choreography is deceptively simple and accentuates the girls natural beauty and cuteness. I can’t help but watch this PV, which makes it difficult to judge and take screencaps 😛 (… which I haven’t done in extreme this time XD …) I find I just sit and watch without regard to anything, just listening and watching the routine and enjoying. I do like the end, even though it’s sort of anti-climactic. But it suits it:

Image Hosted by PhotoBucket

Momo's buggered XD

The TV Program version is really different. To me it looks slightly different from the stock standard PV but includes footage from the Normal PV, and adds in some extra stuff such as the girls promoting for Buono! by having interviews with the press:

Image Hosted by PhotoBucket

Airi, Momo and Miya all get to hold the “News LED” microphone 😀 and partake in the faux interview (… in the second part of the “Making Of” you get to see the interview, which they look like they actually do XD Oh, and mentioning the second part, Airi sees something she either recognises, or doesn’t, hanging on the wall next to Buono!’s single covers……. I like to believe that she knows who Led Zeppelin is 😀 …). It does make me want to see a proper Television interview of the girls, it just seems to me that they would interview quite well. There is a bit of footage that looks like it should be from the “Making Of” instead of a supposed TV Program airing 😛 And we have a return of Buono! eating:

Image Hosted by PhotoBucket

And here is up-close screencaps of them eating: Airi, Momo and Miya. I hope I’ve entertained and given a bit of info of what this release means to me 😀 Ja ne~

Note: I am aware that by no means am I talented at writing reviews or commenting on subjects, but it does bring a smile to my face and I enjoy the process of writing these 🙂

Single V:
CDJapan | YesAsia | HMV.co.jp

Single – Regular Edition:
CDJapan | YesAsia | HMV.co.jp

Single – Limited Edition:
eBay | HMV.co.jp (?)



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