3,2,1 BREAKIN’ OUT OPV Competition

20 05 2009

I’m probably late on this, but hey, since when have I been up to date 😛

It seems that Morning Musume have gotten themselves an Official MySpace page (… not that you’ll probably be hearing directly from them 😛 …) and the masterminds behind UFA have decided to open up the PV’s to the masses, even us western wotas 😀 Kinda feels like they’re finally getting that they have fans out side of Japan, which is kinda nice.

They have supplied you budding video-editing PV-creating fans with the track, or a part of it, and a range of different green-screened videos of the girls performing, 83 to be precise which means you’ll have tonnes to work with 😀 (… I’m considering downloading them just to have and to mess around with XD …). I’m not completely sure if they are expecting the participants to fill out the green-screen. I’m more thinking along the lines that they, being UFA (… or UFI, whatever floats your boat …), will put in there own background when the winner is announced (… but that’s only my opinion, probably wont happen like that …), which will be at this years Anime Expo. The cut-off date is June 19, 2009 ( Japan time). I can’t wait to see some more of these, and by the looks of it the winner will be damn good~! XD

If you’re interested then click the MySpace link above to get all the details and happy editing 😀

This is one of the better ones I’ve found on YouTube. The one I want to include is better, but it’s only on MySpace which I can’t embed 😦 Ja ne~



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22 05 2009

This is really so wonderful and unprecedented at the same time!! It’s so encouraging to see how UFI is slowly but surely opening up to markets out west and beyond…outside of Japan. =) Just a year or so ago a contest like this would be unthinkable and mostly *fantasy* like~.

You just know that there’s going to be so many amazing entries and just the thought that Momusu members themselves will be judging and watching along with Tsunku is really goosebump giving!! XD I was imagining that some entries would be created from content that fans come up totally by themselves outside of the blue screens….but then again I’m just daydreaming here. 😛

I can’t wait to see who wins and to have them announced at the Anime Expo is a most wonderful idea!! ^ ^

22 05 2009

I always get a kick out of seeing you comment here 😀

Knocked my socks off when I heard about the contest, made me smile wide XD I agree, previously something like this would never of happened outside of Japan, which is a huge step for UFI~! There are a few pretty good entries so far……. well, from what I’ve seen anyway 😛 I’m actually excited to see the winner now, which should be pretty damn good. Pity I can’t edit video, I wouldn’t mind having a shot at winning. Be awesome if the winner is a person outside of Japan! 😀

25 05 2009

O~ha~yo… ( ̄▽ ̄)♥

And it’s really awesome that both Tsunku and Momusu themselves will be judging them……I do wonder though how they’ll be able to watch through so many entries as there’s sure to be a ton of them I imagine! 😮 I’m really hoping so too…as their appearance at the Anime Expo is really symbolic of them reaching out to the west and really to fans internationally I think as anyone can attend this upcoming event~…so hopefully the winner is from outside of Japan. =) That makes both of us as I have no editing skills or software to speak of…(u_u*)!

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