I’m registered for Animania~!

24 07 2009
My ticket!......... sort of sanitized :P

My ticket!......... sort of sanitized 😛

I’d been waiting for months and months to be able to pre-register for Animania (… hell, the Brisbane event has had pre-registration open for donkey ages XD …), but now I’m finally registered to go to the Sydney (September) weekend of Animania!! I went for the full weekend because I could. It also lets me split my days.

This is going to be my first Anime Con ever. Woop! Unfortunately I don’t do well in large groups of people, so this should be interesting XD

If you live in Australia and on the eastern seaboard and like anime then consider going, it should be awesome! Click here to go to the Sydney (September) mini-site. (… there’s also an event in Brisbane and Adelaide, so there’s options 😀 …)

Anywho, it’s not Hello!Project related but I just wanted to post something because I’m über excited! 🙂 Ja ne!~

My stats~!

15 07 2009

I checked my WordPress stats page the other day and my mind boggled. My hits had shot through my rather low roof~! XD I didn’t know why it shot up until I looked in my inbox and saw that CK (… from CK’s H!P Blog, Chuo Dori and My Sweet Meetan. If you haven’t visited them, you should 🙂 …) had used my “Farewell Kana T_T” post for filler in an International Wota post………………… which is the only time that my blog gets this many hits XD………… ._.

My altered stats

My altered stats

Also if anyone cares, posts of more substance than my last ones should be up sooner rather than later 😀 Ja ne~

Farewell Kana T_T

11 07 2009
Kana, you will be sadely missed :(

Kana, you will be sadely missed 😦

I’ve just read about Arihara Kanna leaving Hello!Project and °C-ute and found that my otherwise happy and semi-pleasant day has devolved into a sad, sad night T_T (… if you want to read the official statement, then head over to Hello!Online …)

One moment I was merely waiting for Kana-chan to return from her hiatus, and the next I’m reading that she left not even warranting a graduation ceremony…. which is a bit of a snub! …. I did think something was a bit not right, since four months is a rather long time to recover from hallux valgus.

Although I’m not in tears (… I rarely cry ._. …) this is truly a sad day. She may not have been my favourite member, but I did have a soft spot for her. She’s super adorable, cute and brilliant (… I’m a big fan of shorter hair on girls 😀 …) But I am sort of happy (… a sad happy, if that makes any sense 🙂 …) because I think she may be happier now, which is what’s most important 🙂 I also want to say that seeing one of your Idols, which the girls are, actually living their life is wonderful and brilliant to see. Actually makes me happy. Meaning I’d like to poke the people who bad-mouthed Kana-chan in the eye, hard~! Ja ne.

Airi-chan and Kana-chan 3

Airi-chan and Kana-chan ❤

Kana-chan in a Yukata 3........ so beautiful.

Kana-chan in a Yukata <3........ so beautiful.


My home-made Mobile theme :3

5 07 2009

Well, this doesn’t have to much to do with H!P……………… it does have something to do with Idoling!!! though, which I also happen to like XD

I went looking for mobile themes for Suzuka Morita, who is one of my favourite Idols :3 and my favourite member from Idolling!!!, a ways back when I bought a new mobile but I couldn’t find simple themes for her. Actually I couldn’t find any, so after finding her blog I went through it reading and looking for nice pictures she’d taken of things and of herself which I could make into a mobile theme (… I did really want to make a theme around Airi-chan, but I couldn’t find suitable pictures of/from her T_T Maybe soon 😀 …) And this is the result:

Suzuka Morita K530i theme

Suzuka Morita K530i theme

Click the mobile to go to theme download page :D

Click the mobile to go to theme download page 😀

There’s nothing special or great about it, but I like it 🙂 I used a tool called myTheme Creater (mTC) to make it and it also is capable of making themes for many more mobile models. Just thought I’d share. Ja ne~