My home-made Mobile theme :3

5 07 2009

Well, this doesn’t have to much to do with H!P……………… it does have something to do with Idoling!!! though, which I also happen to like XD

I went looking for mobile themes for Suzuka Morita, who is one of my favourite Idols :3 and my favourite member from Idolling!!!, a ways back when I bought a new mobile but I couldn’t find simple themes for her. Actually I couldn’t find any, so after finding her blog I went through it reading and looking for nice pictures she’d taken of things and of herself which I could make into a mobile theme (… I did really want to make a theme around Airi-chan, but I couldn’t find suitable pictures of/from her T_T Maybe soon 😀 …) And this is the result:

Suzuka Morita K530i theme

Suzuka Morita K530i theme

Click the mobile to go to theme download page :D

Click the mobile to go to theme download page 😀

There’s nothing special or great about it, but I like it 🙂 I used a tool called myTheme Creater (mTC) to make it and it also is capable of making themes for many more mobile models. Just thought I’d share. Ja ne~



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