°C-ute to be 5-nin ~ AKA: Erika is graduating

2 08 2009

I wasn’t going to write anything, because if you haven’t heard by now you either live under a rather considerable boulder or don’t know how to use a feed reader XD But, I actually want to say something, so why shouldn’t I say it~?

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Umeda Erika

I woke up, turned my computer on and went to Google Reader (… since I like to be informed 😛 …) Once it loaded all I could see was “Umeda Erika to Graduate”. A few clicks later and I was a sad wota 😦

Now, I’m not going to say that

Oh no~! I loved her, my life is ruined!!!! Bawwwwwwww!!!! She was  the best and only great member of °C-ute!!!

….. because it’s not and I didn’t (… she is however my 7th favourite H!P member …) I will however say that I am sad because she’s leaving and I’m a fan of all of °C-ute and, but as there is supposed to be a silver lining to everything, happy because it seems Erika-chan will be happy in her graduation 😀 …………. and it’s an actual, proper graduation, finally~! Really wasn’t nice or fair of UFI to not give Kanna a ceremony.

Like Kanna, I had a soft spot for Erika…… more so actually for Erika ever since my watching of the 2008 Wonderful Hearts concert (… read my review if you want. I have a picture with a rather large red arrow on it that is relevant …) Erika was always in the far background and to the corners of all the PV’s for °C-ute, which apart from Maimi and Airi is pretty common for the girls, but she was particularly in the “shadows” for whatever reason. I too don’t think that her lose will be felt straight away in the singles, but the PV’s will feel even more empty now (… she worked super hard, even though she wasn’t front and center …)

From what I’ve read she’s pursuing a career in modeling…….. she’s certainly got the height. You can read a translation of the official statement here. She’ll be sticking around until the current concert tour ends, which is the 25th October, so there’s time to a) come to terms with it and b) to support her, if you so choose to 🙂 (… I can see fans stocking up on Erika merchandise now …)

Hosted by ImageShack - Taken from Hello!Online

6-nin at an end T_T...... I so do like the number 6 ._.

To end things, I suggest you read CK’s post about this 😀 Oh, and I’m nowhere near finished my Alo-Hello! 3 reveiw XD I’m a slow ass everything. Ja ne~



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