Sydney Trip – Thursday: Into the City

3 09 2009

Well, this is my only holiday away from home in years ._. I usually try to get down to Sydney once a year and stay with my sister for a few days, but of the last past few years that hasn’t happened (last year she got married, the year before couldn’t work out a week I could come down blah, blah, blah…) So right now this is the best.

Yesterday I caught the train in to Wynyard Station on George Street, which is basically where all the places I wanted to visit are located, which is lucky 😀 I wanted to visit Kinokuniya (C), Galaxy Bookshop (D) (a sci-fi and fantasy bookshop), a model shop in Pitt Street Pedestrian Mall (B) and Paddy’s Markets (E) and Market City (E).

Trip Map

Trip Map

Now I was planning on taking tonnes of pictures to illustrate my adventures, but like me having lunch I completely forgot T_T I was so looking forward to eating at Ichi Ban Boshi, which is a kick ass Japanese restaurant. Goodbye my salty Miso Ramen, until next year *tear*

So, my first stop was JB Hi Fi which is on the bottom floor of The Galleries Victoria (where Kinokuniya is located) because Kinokuniya didn’t open ’til 10am and I was in there at 8-something. To get to the right entrance of TGV walk up George Street from Wynyard Station and walk into the second (I think) entrance which is the one with the shops Superdry and Mook at the front. Then walk towards the escalators and go down then turn right, then right and then take the first right. JB Hi Fi is at the end of the hallway (… along with EB Games 😀 …) Sorry about my directions being convoluted 😦 Anyway, the last time I was in at this JB Hi Fi they had a HUGE collection of J-Horror and J-Film in general, but this time round they merely had an Eastern Eye/Asian Cinema section wich was about a meter wide (and the majority was Chinese films) I did pick-up a copy of The Host [1] and was half tempted to buy their entire Anime section XD

I left JB and headed over to York Street to visit Galaxy which I’d been looking forward to since the Sci-Fi/Fantasy section at my local bookshop is rather lacking. You walk in and down into the store and are greeted with a wash of “Science Fiction/Fantasy” genera signs. It was brilliant! You kinda get lost in it all though, well I did, since there are so many books I hadn’t seen or heard of. They didn’t have the books I was looking for (… they were out of stock XD …), but I picked up the fourth volume in Michael Pryor‘s “The Laws of Magic” series; Time of Trial, which I didn’t know was out, and the third volume in Jim Butcher‘s “The Dresden Files” series; Grave Peril. I highly recommend both series 😀

By this time it was 10 o’clock and I headed to Kinokuniya. Now, to get there you do the same thing as getting to JB except you take the escalators up two levels. The following picture is the stores layout:

Kinokuniya floor plan

Kinokuniya floor plan

The big red arrow is where you get off the second set of escalators, which is the stores main entrance. The two red dots are the Manga/Graphic Novel section and the Japanese Book Department, which includes Japanese magazines 😀 Those are the main sections I head straight for. I picked up the following:

My Manga/Graphic Novels

My Manga/Graphic Novels

From top left: Negima! Magister Negi Magi Vol. 9 to 11, Air Gear Vol. 1 to 3, Naruto Vol 36 to 38 and Vol. 44 & 45, Fables: Legends in Exile and Transmetropolitan Vol. 1 (on the recent publication)

Now, I love Negima, it’s so cute. And yes, the fan service is brilliant 😛 They’re all so darn cute~! Air Gear is awesome, I’ve been reading the Scanlations from Sora-Scans for ages. I love the whole AT idea and the premise behind the series. Also Oh Great! can just draw some of the hottest looking girls out……… what’s with me and fan service in manga? XD Volumes 36 through 38 of Naruto I got because these are the volumes that have Shikamaru’s coming of age after Asuma’s death. Shikamaru is my favourite character. They also deal with Naruto’s learning of Wind Style: Rasenshuriken, which I enjoyed 🙂 And volume 44 and 45 where the latest two they had so I got them. I would also like to say that official translations always seem to fail to impress compared to fan translations, and I don’t get it: The companies are paying people to translate these and they come out crap, a fan translates a volume in half the time and is 100x more enjoyable to read :S Fables I got on a customers and staffs suggestion after them seeing me getting Transmetropolitan, so I haven’t read it yet but it looks pretty good. Transmetropolitan I have read all the way through, I think, and loved it and wanted to own them. It’s a post-cyberpunk graphic novel full of foul language, violence, drug use etc… so although I strongly recommend it I have to say that if you have delicate sensibilities then don’t read it~! Next the magazines I got:

My Magazines

My Magazines

I got the latest edition of Hobby Japan, Bomb! and last months U.T.B because that’s all they had 😦 But all is well 😀 Hobby Japan is the best model magazine ever~! It’s given me model envy XD I can’t paint for anything and the few I tried to paint ended up looking like sh-t, so I’ve stuck to pre-painted ones ever since. It came with a Gundam accessory (the box next to the magazine) which won’t be put together since it needs painting XD I got Bomb! because A) I really wanted it and B) it has Idoling!!! on the cover and had articles about them :3 It also came with a poster of Idoling!!! which is going to be put up on one of my walls in the near future 😀 One thing though, I had no idea it was so small ._. And finally U.T.B……. well it’s U.T.B XD It’s got Maimi on the cover and inside, Maimai and Airi spreads as well as the cards you get (… I got pack C featuring Suzuki Airi, Yay~!, and Mayu Watanabe from Team B of AKB48, my favourite Team B member 😀 …) and a look inside Miya’s bedroom XD There’s also an abundance of AKB 🙂 You can see a few scans at MB’s blog 🙂 Sort of sad now since I wont be able to get anymore magazines for a while (… unless I get my sister to get them, but I’m not to sure about that option :S …) I’m also kicking myself for not picking up the copy of Sabra they had, but oh well.

Now for my pride and joys of my trip 😀

My Photobooks :3

My Photobooks :3

From top left: Yuko Fukudome – 17才のlive, Niigaki Risa – Happy Girl & Risa Niigaki, Suzuka Morita – HAPPYですぅ!!, Suzuki Airi – Airi, Tsugunaga Momoko – Momo no Mi and Haruka Suenaga – 18-eighteen-I got the Yuko and Haruka PB’s based on suggestions made by Morning Berryz 😀 And I’m glad I listened. They are both beautiful books, albeit one of them is smaller than I would have ever had thought, but I think it’s cool. Now, Niigaki’s self titled first PB came with a poster (score~!) which will take center stage somewhere on my walls.

I had to get them to order these in from Japan for me since they don’t carry Photobooks for some reason (… maybe not a big enough market for them? …) So I was a little anxious about it all. Don’t know why, but I was. But for no reason it turned out. I went to the Japanese Book Department Info desk and told them who I was and I had an order waiting for me, got my lovelies and went and paid for all my stuff. Then I got a happy surprise, they were having a 20% off sale and I got my 10% members discount on the magazines 😀 Really nice place to deal with, and the staff are really great and helpful. If you’re from/in Sydney and want to use Kinokuniya to get Photobooks then have the ISBN of the book and then call 02-9262-7996 (ext.5), which is the Japanese Book Department. They really are the nicest place to deal with 😀 The following are the ISBN’s and prices (… just if you want to order them …) for the PB’s:

17才のlive = ISBN 9784087804621 about A$61.88
Happy Girl = ISBN 9784847040801 about A$68.64
Risa Niigaki = ISBN 9784847028274 about A$61.88
HAPPYですぅ!! = ISBN 9784775602744 about A$68.64
Airi = ISBN 9784847040078 about A$68.64
Momo no Mi = ISBN 9784847041389 about A$68.64
18-eighteen- = ISBN 9784764820319 about $61.88

Now, of course I did all my book buying at the beginning of the day and had to cart them with me for the next umpteenth hours XD My shoulders are still aching and hurt to lift them, but it was worth it 🙂 After my buying spree at Kinokuniya I went up to the Pitt Street Mall in search of a model shop on the top floor of a building there, however it was no longer there and the building was being redone. I was quite sad at that, I was looking forward to getting some more Gundams (… edit: there is actually a model shop on Dixon St, aka: China Town, opposite Market City. It’s at the end of the street and I found it from their stall at Animania …) There’s nothing that beats walking into a store and finding exactly what you want. It’s just not the same buying online, the thrill doesn’t last as long XD

I spent the rest of my day walking around Paddy’s Markets (… I got an Itachi and Naruto figurine. Only cheap PVC copies, but they’re not bad for the price 🙂 …), playing at Galaxy World in Market City and watching District 9 [1] at Event Cinemas on George Street. All in all not a bad way to spend a day in the city, would have been better only if I wasn’t by myself 🙂 I’ll have my Animania report…… no, not a report, more like my views about it…. up soon. Untill then, Ja ne~ and I hope I didn’t bore you too much.



4 responses

14 09 2009

Wow James, you got lots of cool stuff. Good on ya!

14 09 2009

😀 Thanks CK. I was saving for months and months for this trip. I got some more stuff at Animania, but it’s not all here as I had to post a few things back because I couldn’t have gotten on the train with it all XD so I’ll post that soon.

16 09 2009

A~h! you found so many cute collectibles!! And I can’t even imagine how heavy everything must have been to carry with you all day! I’m so happy that you like Yuko and Haruka’s shashinshuu…Haruka’s is a bit tinier but so so *adorable* ne~. I’m so happy that you found UTB too and Bomb! magazine is really cute too…and it looks like you have a lot of fun reading ahead with so many manga.

I *hope* you’re feeling better too~ o(*´∀`)o゛♥

16 09 2009

I’m always elated when I see comments here that aren’t spam =D Hehe, I have a few more things which will be in my next post, just waiting for them to get here, that I got from Animania which I think you’d like ^-^ Yes, it was a very heavy load to carry for six-odd hours XD Something like 10 kilos or close too. I’m glad I listened to your suggestions, and I only added Haruka’s in as I was making the phone order at the last minute XD It’s one of my favourites (… being as Airi is in the mix it can’t be my favourite 😛 …) I love its warmth, her adorable charm and the use of clothing……. and its size has actually grown on my and I like it now 😀 Kinda wish I could have gotten her other one as well, but it’s all good. I wish I could get subscriptions to the magazines now because they are awesome! And that’s no over exaggeration. <__>….. I actually finished reading the manga while I was still in Sydney. Now I wish I hadn’t XD

Thank you♥ and yes, I’m feeling better ^_^ Although talking is a bit of a weird feeling at the moment XD

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