I have moved :D

28 01 2010

Not that anyone still reads this?….. maybe a few *hopes* XDD……. but I’ve bought hosting and am now at http://avenger.mirrorshades.gs So adjust your bookmarks and reader feeds (if you have me in one) because that’s where I’ll be from now on ^_^

Ai want to thank you…

14 01 2010

See what I did there? :3

Ok, so a while back CatchFiveBats linked some magazine scans from a gaming magazine featuring Takahashi Ai from Morning Musume. Of course that is quite awesome and I needed to own it XDD So when my first try at procuring a copy failed (thank you maiZe for lookingโ™ฅ ^-^) I asked CFB for the link he found to get it on Amazon.co.jp, but he offered to just add a copy to his order for me!…………….. I said yes of course (paid back in full now :3)

And now it’s arrived!!:

I was so excited when I saw who it was from! I was actually a little confused since I wasn’t expecting anything for a few weeks (forgot about it xD) But I opened the package and out it popped. Once the packaging was safely put away I noticed a piece of plastic sticking out of the magazine:

I figured CFB had bookmarked where Ai appears……. Well, he had, but with a most brilliant bookmark!:

It was bookmarked but with an Ai-chan photo!!!!!! Best bookmark I’ve seen in ages XDD Had to stop myself from letting out a laugh of joy and from doing a little jig ._. So I want to thank you soooooo much!! *uber hug* Below you can see the pages that Ai-chan appears in ๐Ÿ˜€

Image Hosted by PhotoBucketImage Hosted by PhotoBucketImage Hosted by PhotoBucketImage Hosted by PhotoBucket


(click images to go to where I found them. My scanner is non-existent T_T And this is the link to Amazon if you should wish to get your own copy :3)