I haven’t been on #wotachat for very long, but it’s the place to be…………….. if you like J-pop and H!P. It’s the shiznit~! XD

I’m on there most days. I be James-kun on wotachat, so if you see me, say HI =)

OK, now for the technical. Wotachat is a channel on Rizon, an IRC server(s), so you’ll need an IRC client. I recommend mIRC for windows, and Amy says Colloquy is good for Macs. “So…”, you may ask, “what do I do if I don’t have or want/can’t download an IRC client??” Well I would say Mibbit. It’s a free online IRC “client”. To get started click the link to Mibbit. You’ll be taken direct to their chat page where you’ll need to pick irc.rizon.net as the server, #wotachat as the channel and then pick a nick (this will be your screen name on the channel). Then click “Go” and you’re away =) OR if that ain’t working, click here and choose a nick and instant wota Mibbit ^o^

I can’t say this any better than how I first read it, so:

Now, what is #wotachat anyways? Well, pengie hosts this IRC channel, and it is made up of tons of bloggers and IW staff members! We don’t always talk about Japanese music, but pretty much about anything and everything. I’d say #wotachat is a pretty cool crowd, so you should check it out!

— Amy

Links about #wotachat:
pengie’s #wotachat page
Wotatalk page for #wotachat

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