IW second birthday!!………. And a cake

18 03 2009

This feels odd, I was going to post this on our 19th so it would be the 18th overe there. But people are posting now, so so will I :)…..o_o….. So, I’ve made a cake…………….. well, I made a cake on the 8th T_T The bananas were going bad, and I only know how to make a banana cake 😀

Image Hosted by PhotoBucket
My cake~!……XD

It’s not very pretty looking and you may notice there isn’t “Happy Birthday IW~!!” in icing on the top…… T_T…… I didn’t have any icing, nor am I game to try and make some. Also, I have no money to buy any pre-made stuff. And I thought about putting candles on top, but three minutes after taking this pic my mum had cut herself a slice of it ._. But it does taste good :3

I am NEW to the blogging world and found IW through reading other peoples blogs. It’s the perfect place to find new blogs and to keep in touch with the blogs you’ve found and love. Also, a few of my favourite blogs are hosted over there 😀 I wasn’t introduced to the blogging world of J-pop and H!P by IW, that goes to Paul over at Hello!Blog, but it does make me want to continue to write my feeble attempts at reviews and my little opinions about the things I like and buy. I have been mentioned twice over at International Wota…… o_o……. not sure how that happened to tell the truth XD, and it gave me the strangest feeling; warmth and happiness. I’ve also met the best of people because of IW 😀

I wasn’t around for your first birthday, nor when it all first started, but I do hope that I’ll be around for the rest of them 🙂 So, I wish you a happy and brilliant birthday. May you grow old………. as in “Hope you’re around for a long time!!”

Ja ne~



6 responses

19 03 2009

Banana caaaaake ❤

20 03 2009

:3 It’s all I know how to make in the range of a cake XD

20 03 2009
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[…] Day] Hello!Avengers Has A Banana Cake IW second birthday!!………. And a cake […]

20 03 2009

I ♥ bananas…just without the cake part~! (._.;) I think I saw Junjun take a slice just now! XD It’s wonderful that you know how to bake!! I once tried to bake something but it wasn’t edible afterward. (>_<)

20 03 2009

Bananas are quite nice 😀 ……. ♥Junjun♥, where!?! *looks around eagerly* XD I can make that and lamingtons, but Mars was making a lamington cake and I had bananas that were just right to make a cake out of =] So I made a Banana Cake 😀 Aww, you just need some help then when it comes to baking.

22 03 2009

‘Help’…lots and lots of help…….I think I’m beyond help. (;_;) Bananas are wonderful, I think they’re one of the best fruits next to oranges, melons, and grapes….sounds like someone’s hungry. XD

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